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COSULTING Business & Industry Analysis  

The COSULTING Business & Industry Analysis is a requirement for any CEO or Business Owner.  The report you receive will provide you business and financial benchmarks for your industry and competition, which will assist you in strategic decision making. 

Why Your Business Needs

COSULTING Business & Industry Analysis

  • Make informed decisions in less time

  • Understand your business relative to the competition

  • Evaluate and understand your business' strengths and weaknesses

  • Understand industry default profile probabilities & cash flow measures

What is the COSULTING

Business & Industry Analysis

  • COSULTING Return on Equity Analysis

  • COSULTING Sustainable Growth Analysis

  • Financial statement analysis for 3 to 5 operating years

  • Comparative data on 19 financial statement ratios

  • Common-sized data on the income statement

  • Common-sized data on the balance sheet

  • Peer group data based on revenue and asset size

  • Industry Default Probabilities

  • Cash flow benchmarks for critical cash analysis

Your Complimentary* Analysis


*Complimentary for qualified businesses. If  a monthly fee agreement is signed within thirty days of receiving the COSULTING Business & Industry Report the fee will be credited against your first invoice.